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October 10, 2019 - Utah Ram Sale 50 Caras Rams Consigned.

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The Caras Sheep

The Caras Ranch has been in the Suffolk sheep business since 1949, in those 71 years Caras sheep have topped sells all over the nation, won every major Suffolk show in America and worked hard for commercial sheep men throughout the west.

The Caras flock has been built with continuous selection for traits that make good hard working sheep, and you can see it in the 150 ewes that currently make up Jim's flock. Caras ewes are deep bodied, big boned, nice headed, easy fleshing sheep that milk well and work hard for a long time.

Caras Rams have been successful in the show ring and for other purebred breeders. But most importantly they have worked extremely well in commercial sheep herds, Jim has always realized that is the real proving ground for his sheep.

Current Stud Rams

CR 1

Breed: Suffolk

Jim believes this ram the best Suffolk ram he has owned in 25 years. He has outstanding bone, large testicals, length, depth, and produces exceptional offspring.
Hub 1

Breed: Hampshire

Codon results: RR

Breed: Hampshire
Codon results: RR

For Sale at the Ranch

Suffolk Ram
Suffolk Ram

Rams are normally available private treaty.

At times Jim will have a ewe lambs availiable.

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